czwartek, września 24


You know the famous fairy tale "Puss in Boots"? Of course, everyone knows! Today I decided to play the role of the the main character the cat , or rather its feminine versions. I present to you my new prey, simple dress in a copper (reddish color). It is the first and only thing in my closet in that shade. I think it celebrated the season. Paring it up with heels, it would be a fairly well-worn set, so to get out of the routine, I combined it with ultrafemenine knee high heels. Despite the simplicity of the statement, I felt it was very, different. Color, and "footwear", just like the legendary cat;-).

poniedziałek, września 21


Jeszcze nie do końca jestem przygotowana na jesienne klimaty, jednak powoli chcę Was w nie wprowadzić. Dzisiaj, mimo że stylizacja jest jeszcze letnia, chcę przedstawic Wam jeden z najmodniejszych w tym momencie kolorow jakim jest karmel. Pokochałam go już dawno temu, jednak dopiero teraz widze jaki jest jego potencjał. Mimo, że mozna łaczyć go z wszelkimi odcieniami brazu, bezu czy czerni, idealnie współgra z żywymi barwami. Dzisiaj pokazuje Wam go w nieco ponurej wersji, jednak spodziewajcie się bomby kolorycznej do ktorej koniecznie dodam czerwien na ustach!

środa, września 16


 Have you ever been in a sweet paradise? No? So I invite you to Lush! Whilst entering there the first time, I was shocked. I guess I've never seen so many colors and glitter at the same time. I was also very surprised that all the products there are made from natural ingredients. Not to mention the smell, which can be smelt almost a kilometer away from the store. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the largest Lush in the world, located in London Oxford Street. This shop has even got a spa, which uses its own cosmetics. Shortly saying - full service ;-) There you can also see demonstrations of how to use their cosmetics, and take advantage of free advice like which cosmetic is best for you. Personally, I tested several products from there, and I love their facials, which incredibly purify, moisturize and refresh the face. My favorite face mask contains a large amount of garlic, so I can not say it smells the best, but its properties really are great for your face. With my hand on my heart I can also recommend bath bombs and bath jelly, which there is a great choice of, when it comes to appearance, aroma and properties. Baths with them are very relaxing, also nutritious. In the catalog you can find these products moisturize the skin, relax, resulting in better sleep, illuminating flecks of glitter or cooling. As for my favorite thing in this category, it is a bubble bar called The Comforter -  it has an amazing smell! I must also mention, as used by me body lotions, whose scents are equally fabulous. The only thing that I was not happy with was the hair creams. After one use, my hair was heavy, sticky and looked greasy. Apart from that, a shop known as a paradise for big kids ;-)

czwartek, września 10


Last Sunday I went to Windsor. Located in the west of London, its a very old, beautiful village with a castle located on top of  a hill,  which is the main seat of the royal family. Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth was not there that day, this was good because my creation did not fit to go to any meetings ;-).

poniedziałek, września 7


'I hate Mondays!', I hear it all the time. The study found that on Monday's we get depressed, we even start to think about this on Sunday. No other day of the week makes us feel so many negative emotions, but why? The reason for this is that the weekend, in which we slow down abit, get lazy, we do the things that during the week, most of us can not afford to do, and then bam! Shouldn't it be that this day we are most rested and calm? but no. 'I don't like Mondays' - the name of a popular polish film, in which a dozen people undergoing unfortunate and complicated adventures, 'Poniedzialkowy Dol' ('Monday Depression') - is also the name of one of the Warsaw streets, on which also (as demonstrated) we can acquire depression. As the first day of the week is a symbolic beginning. On Mondays we go on a diet, we consider changing your life.

środa, września 2


Wczoraj rozpoczal sie wrzesien, a wraz z nim rok szkolny. Internety zasypaly nas postami na temat szkolnych lookow, wiec i ja dodam oleju do ognia.  Poczatkowo, nie pomyslalam nawet o tym watku. Zwyczajnie zalozylam proste spodnie, bluzke i wygodne conversy po czym wybralam sie na spacer. Teraz, przegladajac zdjecia, mysle - czemu nie! Stylizacja nie jest przesadzona kolorystycznie, bez duzego dekoltu, oraz ultrakrotkiej spodniczki. Zmienilabym tylko dwa drobne elementy - torbe, na duzo bardziej pojemna, oraz szminke -  na jej brak. Prosto, dziewczeco i - na temat!

Yesterday September stared, and with it the school year began. Internet showered us with posts on back to school styles and so and I add my own little touch. Initially, I didn't even think about this topic. As usual I have put on some simply styled trousers, a blouse and comfy Converse shoes then went for a walk. Now, looking over the pictures, I thought - why not! Styling is not overdone with color, with a lot of cleavage or ultra short skirts. I would only change two small parts - the bag for a much bigger one , and the lipstick. Straight, girly and - to the point!

bag | MICHAEL KORS mini Hamilton
sneakers | CONVERSE
sunglasses | ALDO
pants | ZARA
shirt | ZARA